Being Left-Wing = Thinking Like A Child

by Michael of

To predict how the Left will react in any situation, just ask yourself how a child or their overbearing mommy would react. Women evolved to have similar mindsets as children, after all.

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JennaMarbles, You Are Making It Worse

I adore you, Jenna, and always have, since I first started watching your videos around 2012. I want you to continue making content; please don’t stop. But I say this out of deep, genuine love: You are making the problem worse, not better.

Bowing to bullies doesn’t make them stop. Obeying whiny adult children doesn’t satisfy them. You cannot improve anything by submitting yourself to the emotionally fragile.

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Progressives Are the MOST Racist and Sexist

You know what woke movies like Ghostbusters (2016), this year’s Charlie’s Angels, Terminator: Dark Fate, even the Star Wars sequels, and many other woke movies prove? They prove that the woke Left is the most racist and sexist group of people in America, and all the West in general. Why? Because these people see women and minorities as props. People only get hired if they are a minority, or they don’t get a job because they are white and/or male. This is regardless who is qualified or not. It’s not just Hollywood. We can all see this in day-to-day lives at this point.

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Pride is a virtue, not a sin. Too often, people confuse pride with arrogance, or more extremely, narcissism. It is my strongly-held opinion that pride and arrogance are opposites, not synonyms.

Pride is about what you’ve done, arrogance is about what you already are. Arrogance is a kind of stagnation, but pride is a drive to improve.

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