What We Do

Musing Media is a place for artists who create works not for money or attention, but because they must. Fish gotta swim, artists gotta express themselves. Musing Media was founded on the idea, “If some people already make art, expecting nothing in return, why not help them out with that?”

Musing Media is simply a place for such artists to show the world what they make. Everything is free here, but we do ask for support from those who love our works by becoming monthly patrons here.

We hope to have every kind of artist with us here someday, including musicians and filmmakers. We aim to become a brand name, like Disney or Netflix, except we’ll always do things a little different companies like those.

Feel free to look around. View and download what you like. We do this because we love it.

Why Support Us?

We are hoping to change the way our society treats art, from books to movies. Everything is so commercialized, where quality is sacrificed for appealing to as many people as possible. What if art was simply made to be what it is, and we just cross our fingers and hope people love it? That’s how it ought to be. This is why Musing Media only brings on members who were already artistic without the incentive of money or mass appeal. That kind of spirit should be rewarded. Don’t you agree?

By supporting us, you are supporting true art. What we produce may not fit your fancy, but at least you are supporting our cause of restoring respect to art.

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