Yes, Women Ruined Everything

by Michael of

There are natural consequences when most women abandon, diminish, or corrupt their natural roles as mothers. This mess started with second-wave feminism in the 1960s.

1. Women Joined the Workforce

When the workforce doubles, the value of labor is cut in half. That is why one person’s income can’t pay all the bills anymore.

Now, I’m not talking about women working in factories in WWII because most men were out fighting Nazis, and I’m also not talking about office work, which women have done for centuries. I mean women joining every other kind of work force, even military jobs. I mean physical labor, I mean striving to become managers and CEOs, and I mean striving to become “the first woman to [insert name of literally any occupation here]”…

Not only was it a mistake to devalue labor itself, but what confounded this mistake was the fact that now, instead of men coming home stressed out, we now have all adults, men and women, coming home stressed out. Women are likely even more stressed from working, because they naturally have to work harder to keep up with men (unless it is a medical or office setting). There is now more stress in more people, and we wonder why most families are broken now?

But it goes far, far beyond mere stress.

Starting in the 1960s (thanks, boomers), women started believing they would be happier entering the workforce instead of spending their time caring for their families. This proved immensely false, as with each passing decade, women have become less happy and less satisfied with their lives than the decade before.

The problem with women joining the workforce gets even worse. Women being part of the workforce adds sexual temptation, to both sexes, as well as relationship drama, all of which hinders work performance. Even worse is the fact that women are not as physically capable for tasks, whether it involves lifting, moving, assembling, molding, calculations, or just simply moving quickly. Women are better at dividing their attention, but that also means their attention is more likely to be divided in the first place.

It’s even worse. Workplace safety nets are now more numerous than they would be otherwise. The harsh truth is: Women can’t work anywhere, literally anywhere, unless there are special rules specifically for their own safety and comfortability. In addition to that are the countless legal liabilities that come with hiring women … anywhere …, because they are not as physically capable as men, because they feel uncomfortable far more easily than men, because they complain more than men, because they are multitudes more likely to file sexual harassment claims, etc.

The plain fact is: Women are now working more than being mothers. The family unit is suffering for it. Money has to go toward babysitting, when money could have been saved instead by one partner, the woman, staying home with the kids. Even more money could be saved if the value of labor itself didn’t plummet when women started joining the workforce en masse.

2. Women Choose to End Relationships More

Why society believes women are the faithful ones when it comes to relationships is beyond me. If a relationship, of any kind, ends at all, it is more likely to be ended by the woman. Whether kids are part of the picture or not, this is true. And women now end relationships more than relationships have ever been ended throughout history.

Humans are emotional creatures. When a relationship ends, there are broken hearts. With women ending most relationships, that means men have broken hearts more often than they do. And there is no sympathy from society at large for when a man’s heart is broken. Additionally, there is no shame on women for frequently dumping men once they are no longer useful to her.

When women end relationships and kids are involved, the kids now have less of a good example to emulate. They can’t learn how to have stable relationships because Mom and Dad didn’t have one. Usually, women keep the kids after a split, and single mothers always come with the baggage of kids and failed relationships, which makes their future relationships far more difficult to make work.

3. Women Are No Longer Proper Mothers

Since the 1960s (thanks again, boomers), women have increasingly abandoned, diminished, or corrupted their roles as mothers. Now, in 2020, and many years before, women abandon, diminish, and corrupt their roles as mothers more often than doing the job properly. A proper mother is now a more rare sight than a mother that’s doing it wrong.

Abandoning: We have all seen what women do when they don’t have children and/or a partner. They start being a mother to pets, and they almost never stop collecting more pets. That maternal instinct is ever-present, and they convince themselves they don’t want to be mothers. These days, women want to take care of everything, from the environment, to cute pets, except actual kids, like nature built them to take care of. Women were not designed to be workers, they were designed to be mothers.

Diminishing: This goes back to the fact women choose to end relationships at a historically-unprecedented amount these days. They have kids, then split with the father, but choose to keep the kids. Now, the single mother has to work to make ends meet, even with all the free money she’s getting from the father and the government. They are thus around their kids less often. Additionally, they have reduced their role as a mother to also fill the role of the father.

Kids don’t want Mommy to also be Daddy. Kids want their mother to be a source of infinite love and affection. Discipline and teachings should come from their father to balance it out. Kids used to have this balance. The father makes the child strong enough to leave the nest, while the mother is supposed to make sure there’s a nest to leave in the first place. There isn’t much of a nest when the mother has to constantly move, and find new jobs, because she’s too selfish to stay with a man. Which brings me to…

4. Women Are Naturally Selfish Creatures

This is why I almost believed that this slow collapse of society we’re witnessing is the fault of men. I almost believed men just stood by and watched this happen when we had, and still have, the power to stop it. We are men, after all.

But, I do not believe this because women always have and always will possess a power men will never know. They have the power of making babies. Throughout human history, it’s always been a good thing that women are selfish creatures, because women used their conceitedness to make men stay with them and help them take care of the family they created together. Women used to be the ones who needed to grow up, and women always have, and always will, be the best influence for men to grow up.

But now, women are the ones who need to grow up. That influence they have over us is now being greatly misused. Men aren’t pushed to be better men, we are now pushed to be subservient and helpless and to feed the egos of the women we fall in love with.

Women let their conceitedness get the best of them over the course of 50 years.

5. In Conclusion

So, is it really any wonder that everything is offensive these days? Everything is offensive, everyone has to apologize, nobody can crack jokes at anyone’s expense, delusions have to be treated as reality, etc., etc., etc.

It is not happenstance. Starting in the 1960s, women started believing they can and should replace men. By 2020 now, they believe they already have, even though they still depend on men for damn-near everything, like they always have. Now men are expected to treat women like we are their mothers, while they are the strong boys who don’t need their mommy anymore. If they say they’re strong and empowered, we men have to nod and say, “Yes, yes, you are, honey,” while we pretend not to notice the child support checks sitting on the table. If they say they are the ones in charge here, we have to nod and say, “Oh yeah, totally, you’re in charge,” while we pretend not to notice how short they are compared to us.

In conclusion…

Women declared war on womanhood itself, like it was something to be ashamed of, and now everything has gone to hell. Ladies, if you need to take care of 50 pets to fill that motherly void …. just make some kids and pour your love on them already.

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