Why Women Are Born Rich and Die Poor

Whoever invented the idea of “female empowerment” must have really hated women. It sure is a perfect trap to make women ruin their own lives.

You will notice in life that there are far fewer loser older men, than loser older women. There are plenty of loser young men, but rarely loser old men. But there are plenty of loser old women. That is because, broadly speaking, women have only one advantage in life, and that advantage has a short expiration date. And since the 1960s, women have increasingly been believing they can live a fulfilled life without men, only to find out when they get old how untrue that is.

Women are born rich and die poor. Men are born poor and die rich.

Nature built women to be mothers – namely, to attract men, make babies, and then take care of those babies. That is motherhood.

This is the main reason I found “female empowerment” to be both hilarious, and irritating. Because women realize once they reach their 40s just how much they depend on men, not only for their survival, but also for their happiness. Women are so empowered until their looks fade, and then it suddenly hits them that they needed men the whole time.

The older women get, the less men desire them. The less men desire them, the less men care to do anything for them.

Men want younger women, specifically women who just finished growing (so, in their early 20s). The reason for this? Motherhood. It’s engrained in our DNA, both men and women. Instinctively, men are attracted to women who look healthy and fertile. The older a woman is, the more likely she doesn’t have any eggs left to fertilize, and less capable of giving birth to children in the first place. This is why men prefer young and beautiful.

Women were not built, physically or mentally, to be strong, brave, leaders, or risk-takers. Women are fragile, and when they get older and finally realize how much they wasted their window for success, their fragility turns into bitterness. They become even more sensitive about everything as a form of projection. They’re not happy, because they didn’t invest in their future.

Women like to talk about how they live longer than men. Well, that should be even more incentive for women to properly invest in their future. They have 85-100 years to live, and after reaching 18, only have about 22 years to invest into the following 40+ years. Living longer means more years being old, and less active, and less desirable. The only people who will want to be around you when you’re old, spending their free time with you, is your own family. Not relatives so much, or even close to as much … your own family. As in, your own children and grandchildren. If you think your siblings or friends will share their own kids and grandkids with you that much, you are mistaken. That kind of love is far more limited.

Women, whether you like it or not, the reality is: A faithful husband, and offspring, is the best investment women can make into their future. It’s possibly the only investment you can make. From age 18 to about 40, that is your window. The further you are from 18, the less value you have in the sexual marketplace. Once you reach 19, you have to compete with the 18-year-olds. Once you reach 20, you have to compete with 19 and 18-year-olds. Once you reach 30, you have to compete with women more than 10 years younger than you. Once you reach 40, you will literally be twice the age of your greatest competition. Twice.

Not to mention, since kids are half the investment you need to make, you will need all the energy you have to raise them. You will need loads of energy to constantly monitor them, make sure they eat their food, make sure they’re ready for school, make sure they do their homework… If your kids get difficult, such as running around the house being destructive, you’ll need energy to catch them and make them stop. Raising kids is highly taxing on your body. Most importantly, parenting is a learn-as-you-go job. It’s not a job you want to start learning at 40+ when you probably don’t have the energy for it anymore, anyway.

Back on the subject of you living longer than men… If think you can wait until your 40s or even 50s to find a man to spend the rest of your life with, if you find a man at that age, chances are very, very good that he will also be around that age, or older. And since you live longer, that means you don’t have very long to spend with him. Also, the fact he was single at such an older age is usually a sign that it’s not going to be a happily-ever-after for you both. Unless he was widowed, and even if he was, chances are very good that it’s not going to be a happy relationship.

Point is, women, if you don’t invest into your future as much as possible, as SOON as possible, your future won’t be filled with riches, it will be filled with scraps.

You can be a queen in your later years, or you can be a vulture, only getting to enjoy what others leave behind.

Good luck finding happiness when men no longer desire you, and you have no kids to spend time with or take care of you when you’re too old to take care of yourself. Good luck.

The window opens at 18. It’s pretty much shut by 40.

This fades quickly, ladies.

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