Being Left-Wing = Thinking Like A Child

by Michael of

To predict how the Left will react in any situation, just ask yourself how a child or their overbearing mommy would react. Women evolved to have similar mindsets as children, after all.

Everyone wants the world to be a better place, a perfect place. Everyone wants to be rich, and nobody wants to see poverty. Everyone wants to get along, to be happy, to live long lives… But to actually believe the way to achieve these things is to simply believe in them, and that a contrived solution is always the best solution, is childish. Being left-wing, it itself, is believing that these things are possible, if only people would stop making excuses and just do it, right?

Look at the very definition of left-wing politics. The support of social equality and egalitarianism, often in opposition to social hierarchy. It typically involves a concern for those in society whom its adherents perceive as disadvantaged relative to others as well as a belief that there are unjustified inequalities that need to be reduced or abolished.

In other words, “It’s not fair!”

Name me one left-winger who is satisfied with how things are, especially in America. Honestly try to find a left-winger who believes America is one of the best places to live in all of human history. Good luck.

Believing things aren’t perfect is normal. We should all try to improve, always. But that should be one piece of someone’s perspective on society, not the entire philosophy. That’s essentially what being Left is. Your entire perspective on your society is that it needs more fixing than preserving. Your entire mindset is that it’s more unfair than fair.

But there’s more. The very word ‘equality’ is nonsense. It’s a highly subjective word. It’s physically impossible to have equality in every way. To have absolute equality, we would all have to become identical machines with the exact same programming. The left’s problem is that people are different from each other. For all their preaching about diversity, they don’t understand the first thing about it. If there is difference, there will inevitably be some kind of inequality. Some people will have better looks, some people will be healthier, some people will have more money, some people will live in apartments while others live in houses, etc., etc., etc.

The childishness of being left-wing goes even further. Their solutions to everything are childish contrivances. When there’s a shooting, they say, “Take away the guns,” like a mother baby-proofing the house. The thought process is: Guns are bad, therefore get rid of them. Simplistic, like a child. When someone says something that hurts someone’s feelings, they force that person to apologize. Everything is offensive, everything is bad. The mere fact we in America believe that “I’m offended” is an argument at all shows how immature a lot of us are.

I say left-wing politics is mommy politics, because it’s the nature of women to have similar thought processes to that of children. When Nature built you to bear children, and children are completely helpless for the first several years of their life, you need to think similarly to them in order to take care of them. Mothering is crucial to taking care of helpless children, but it is a detrimental strategy to everything else in the greater world, especially domestic and international politics.

I say all of this as someone who spent the first 10 years of his adult life staunchly siding with the Left in almost every situation. I voted for Hillary in 2016, which was the first time I ever voted, because I felt obligated to do my part to keep Trump from winning, and I didn’t think Trump even stood a chance at winning.

It only recently occurred to me that conservatives love all of the things leftists claim to love, such as the environment and racial minorities. Actually, I should have known this all of my life, because I was raised in conservative households, and yes, they were all white. My siblings and I were foster kids, and we’re all only half-white. Not once was race ever even brought up in our homes. Not once did I feel discriminated against, or inferior, for being part-black. It just did not matter to the people who raised me. As for the environment, it was my ultra-conservative, religious adoptive parents who obsessively made me recycle, and compost food I didn’t eat.

So, now you know that I speak as someone who was once part of the Left, and as someone raised by the Right. I have been part of both sides, so I speak from experience about the very nature of the Left.

Life experience will teach you the importance of properly raising a child. Life experience will teach you the importance of owning a gun, including an automatic. Life experience will teach you the importance of small government. Life experience will teach you the importance of keeping the government out of your business, whether your business is small or big.

Life experience will teach you how toxic left-wing politics is.

I’m not saying that being right-wing makes you mature or smart. No. There are plenty of idiots on the Right, as well as corrupt politicians, as well as people who are just outright evil. But as general ideologies, the difference between the Left and Right is nothing more than a difference between mature and immature.

No nation with a far-left government has ever been prosperous. If you think China is an exception, I’ll spend a paragraph explaining how it isn’t. China is led by a political party with the word ‘communist’ in it. How did China become prosperous? By its government implementing capitalism. When you think about it anyway, China is strictly fascist. What it’s doing to Uyghurs further proves this, as their government wants to kill, indoctrinate, and breed the Uyghurs out of existence from its native Han population. It is China’s ultimate goal for the Han Chinese race to be the supreme race in all the world. China is quite smart about its fascism, especially that they call it something else.

But take any nation that is actually communist, like North Korea, or Cuba, or Venezuela, and you will see the pattern is the same with all of them. Everyone is financially equal in communist countries: impoverished. There’s a reason the greatest communist regime in history, the USSR, collapsed.

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