JennaMarbles, You Are Making It Worse

I adore you, Jenna, and always have, since I first started watching your videos around 2012. I want you to continue making content; please don’t stop. But I say this out of deep, genuine love: You are making the problem worse, not better.

Bowing to bullies doesn’t make them stop. Obeying whiny adult children doesn’t satisfy them. You cannot improve anything by submitting yourself to the emotionally fragile.

None, yes none, of your videos were bad or evil. Your intent, in absolutely none of your videos, was malicious. The slut-shaming one was critical, but still not malicious. You must never apologize when you have done nothing wrong nor intended to. When you apologize, when you allow conceited, entitled crybabies to win, they only get worse. (And just a quick note: Sexual promiscuity is deserving of ridicule and it actually does cause harm, but that’s a philosophical discussion for another time.)

I remember that video where you got fish and put them in a spherical tank. I remember how much it broke your heart to learn that those types of tanks harm the fish in them. That was an instance of your audience giving constructive criticism, which is far superior to just plain whining from them. Maybe some of them called you a bad person for the fish thing, but everybody with half a brain knows you made a mistake. I really felt for you in that video, Jenna. It was an honest mistake.

Your Nicki Minaj video was not blackface, it was Minajface. Your intent was not to discriminate or dehumanize black people.

Jenna, please, you cannot allow yourself to be punished for your past, especially when your intentions were simply comedic, especially when nobody yelling at you has a perfect past, either.

You quitting YouTube because of dimwitted crybabies who drag people down to make their own miserable lives seem better is only making the problem worse. Everybody is apologizing these days. Everybody is bowing down to these lunatics. Everybody is allowing themselves to be defined by people who care nothing about them.

99% of the time when people get offended, they are simply projecting something onto you. It’s not you, it’s them. Please understand that, Jenna.

I don’t want your happiness, or possibly the rest of your life, ruined by these people. You did not cause harm, you did not intend to harm. Please continue to just make videos that make people laugh and maybe forget the shit going on in the rest of the world. You are one of these gems. People need gems like you.

Don’t give up, don’t give in. You are very loved, Jenna.

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