Why People Say “All Lives Matter”

It should not be controversial to say that all lives matter.

Why do people say all lives matter?

  1. Because all lives matter.
  2. Because people, including BLM, only care about black lives specifically when a white person kills a black person.
  3. Because BLM only exists to race bait.
  4. Because endlessly talking about race (“white people this” and “black people that”) only fans the flames of racial tensions.
  5. Because demonizing cops, calling for police departments to be defunded, and calling for policing itself to be abolished, puts everyone’s life at higher risk, including black lives.
  6. Because systemic racism in America no longer exists.
  7. Because America has a problem with police brutality, but it does not encompass all policemen.

Did we miss any reasons? Let us know in the comments.

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