Progressives Are the MOST Racist and Sexist

You know what woke movies like Ghostbusters (2016), this year’s Charlie’s Angels, Terminator: Dark Fate, even the Star Wars sequels, and many other woke movies prove? They prove that the woke Left is the most racist and sexist group of people in America, and all the West in general. Why? Because these people see women and minorities as props. People only get hired if they are a minority, or they don’t get a job because they are white and/or male. This is regardless who is qualified or not. It’s not just Hollywood. We can all see this in day-to-day lives at this point.

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It gets worse. The woke Left needs minorities to be forever oppressed, or else they have nothing with which to bully people. The Democratic Party would have no way of getting votes, or have any platform whatsoever, if they acknowledged minorities are actually doing quite well socially and economically. Basically, if minorities and women are doing just fine, the Left has nothing. To keep themselves up, to keep everyone’s attention on them, the people they claim to help need to be held down.

Think about it. Ask yourself: At what point will the Left say blacks are no longer oppressed? At what point will feminists say women are no longer oppressed? At what point will Democrats say rich people don’t need to be taxed any higher? At what point will any woke talking points become obsolete and these ‘problems’ are solved? The answer is: Never.

Here’s the thing. With any political movement, the end goal should always be conservatism. I don’t mean being right wing, I mean simple conservatism, as in conserving what is. The end goal should be reaching a point where you say, “We did it, guys! Now, let’s just focusing on keeping things this way.” Once the prince and the princess fall in love and the evil witch is defeated, the goal should be to live happily ever after. Right? Well, not with the woke Left.

There will never be a day when anything is good enough. To be a progressive means to always be fighting. It is progressing into the infinite void. Always. It means nothing can ever be good enough. Even if everybody became transgender, everyone was as mixed race as I am, the borders were wide open, and we all lived in a socialist utopia where everybody has absolutely no differences between them at all … progressives would still look for things to fight for. They’d probably start fighting for the rights of dirt. They’d chant in the streets, “We’ve been LITERALLY walking on the ground for thousands of years! It’s time we gave the ground the rights it deserves. Stop walking on the ground! Stop walking on the ground! Hey-hey, ho-ho, walking on the ground has got to go!”

People who never want to stop fighting never want peace. Their goal isn’t harmony, it is conflict. The believe that conflict is virtuous. They believe that if you aren’t vilifying someone or something, you’re not a good person.

Look at what they do directly to minorities who have opinions that go against theirs. They’re calling blacks and women things like white supremacists and misogynists. Seriously, when you outright target the very people you claim to be fighting for, calling them something they cannot possibly even be, at that point, you’re not even fighting for anything. You are waging war without having a side. You’re just zombies flocking to whatever noise draws your attention first. Like I said, it’s not about an end goal of peace and harmony, the end goal is that there is no end goal. It’s just about fighting, period.

Women and minorities are just the tools and the weapons for their bloodthirst. Progressives get to dehumanize whites, males, straights, millionaires and billionaires, capitalists, etc., because society allows them to. As soon as they find a way to make a certain group look “bigoted,” they get to add to their list of targets. The make all the remaining groups “victims” and make sure those groups continue to feel and believe they are oppressed, so that they can be ordered how to behave as well. To the Left, literally everyone is either a weapon or a target.

Women, minorities, you are just being used. The Left is not your friend. You are just being used to bring back racism and sexism into society, like these bloodthirsty, jealous, cowardly lunatics want. They are using you to get away with bigotry and violence. To the Left, you are not people, you are pathetic, helpless victims who are nothing without their support. You are just props, tools, and weapons for their agendas. They don’t care if you side with them, they only care if you march in the exact same direction they are headed, and they will dispose of you as soon as you step out of line.

This is yet another reason I keep saying being liberal is superior to being progressive. They think history is on their side, but actually, history is on the side of liberals. Actual freedom, actual equality (in the form of rights). Liberals have always fought for rights, such as the right for blacks to drink at the same fountains as whites, the rights for gays to get married, and for women to have the right to vote and not get beaten by their husbands like they do under Sharia law. Liberals, true liberals, have never tried to force any authoritarian agenda beyond simple rights. It’s part of the definition of liberalism itself. People have the right to be free, to be their own person, to individually choose the lives they want to live, and for their freedoms to be protected. And progressives hate them just as much as any right-winger.

This has been a thought from Thinking Michael. Thanks for reading.

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